6) Utena Movie

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The Utena Movie! A very beautiful film! For a while there, these cels were actually more plentiful than the TV show cels. I actually wish that I had the resources during that time to pick up more than what you see here. You really don't see these at all any more - only stuff from the TV series. Granted, the cels that have been available from the show after the movie are ones that I never thought I would see for sale, so it is difficult too get bent out of shape about it.

But I digress - I hope you enjoy this small collection from the film! I tried to place the cels in the order they appeared on film.

***Please beware of spoilers in some of the descriptions!***

 Movie Wakaba

 Movie Wakaba Portrait

 Movie Juri

 Utena Turns

 Windy Utena

 Mine! - Utena & Anthy

 Utena in Hat

 Utena Dueling Saionji

 Utena Closeup

 Utena's First Duel

 Anthy Diving

 Cleaning Uniform Wakaba
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