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Ep. 34 - Anthy in Bed
Source: TV
Layers: 6
Sketches: 6
Cel Number: A1End, B2End, C1-C4E
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 12/7/2005
Updated 9/20/2013
Episode 34: The Rose Crest

"Who are you?"

Anthy stares in shock at Utena who is recounting a dream she had...

This is definitely one of my favorite cels and one I never thought I would get a chance to own.

This piece really is amazing - the first layer of this set is A1-End, which is her hair, body, and sheets. However, the eyes are on another layer and the mouth and nose are yet another layer. With this cel comes about 4 sets of mouths, C1-C4 End and the sketches for each of those layers. So all told, the cel has about 6 layers!

Unfortunately, the scanner I used doesn't like mutiple layers and has given a sheen on the bottom layers...

Who are you?

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